Stock attacking insects

Stock attacking insects and rodents are contaminating products and buildings and may transfer and spread diseases. Damages, claims, loss of value, loss of customers, bad reputation of your company in your sector….these are just a few of the possible consequences that may occur. Fumico fights stock attacking insects, mostly beetles, weevils, moths, mites and other bugs.

Characteristic for these species in general is the reference in their names to certain kinds of products. The names may refer to specific products like cocoa, rice and maize, however the insects are also drawn to several other kinds of products. The mealmoth for instance is not only found in meal, but also in products like buckwheat, oatmeal and many other grains.


Gassing or fumigating food, products, wood and/or buildings is meant to eliminate inconvient pests in a fast and efficient way.  Since 2010 Fumico is active in this field of fumigating various objects, food stocks and wooden objects.

Fumigating objects

A few of our treatment methods in the food industry:

  • Fumigating empty grain mills
  • Fumigating empty silos
  • Fumigation storage facilities
  • Fumigation food processing facilities

But also: buildings, ships, lighters, seeships, mills, barges, factories, sheds, silos and, (garbage)trucks.

Fumigating stock

Stored stocks may significantly decrease in value when infested by stock attacking insects. Throughout the complete food industry – from storage and transshipment locations, flour mills to bakeries – there is the risk of infestation by stock attacking insects.
Because stock attacking insects will adhere to duct surfaces, machines and warehouses they pose a direct threat to semi-finished and finshed products. Fumico will always design a well-balanced fumigation programme meeting the clients‘ needs. Fumico will also perform a risk inventory and will see to it that the fumigation solution chosen has guaranteed minimal risks.

Underneath a few of the fumigation solutions Fumico takes care of:

  • Fumigating products in bags
  • Fumigating bulk products
  • Fumigating products in sacks
  • Fumigating products in big bags
  • Fumigating cargo in barges
  • Fumigating stocks in ships
  • Fumigating silos
  • Fumigating stocks in containers

Fumigating wood

Strict international regulations, like for instance mentioned in ISPM-15, are demanding wooden packaging materials to be treated against (wood destroying) insects. Fumico will take care of this e.g. in containers. Wooden products may vary from wooden objects, wooden floors to products like pallets, lid crates, wooden crates and boxes.
Fumigation will eliminate insects and rodents preventing spreading infestation abroad. Choosing Fumico to perform the fumigation of your (export or import) wood, we guarantee that all wood insects in the product will be eliminated.

Fumigation Certificate

According to the guidelines of the importing country, Fumico will issue a fumigation certificate after finishing a fumigation. This fumigation certificate will prove that the products have been treated by means of poisonous fumigant, for example Sulfurylfluoride (SO2F2) or phosfine (PH3) and confirm that all insects in every life stage (egg, larva, adult) have been eliminated.


Is a fumigation always possible?2017-06-01T20:43:04+02:00

No, in a very limited number of cases a fumigation is not possible. We will communicate the best solution possible for fighting your insect problem. Many factors are of influence in making the right choice, such as: kind of infestation, type of product, location, way of storage, environment, temperature a.s.o. These are just a few items to be considered in choosing the correct technique for fighting insects or rodents. Since Fumico has all fighting techniques at its disposal, you can’t go wrong.

Is fumigation the best fighting technique?2017-05-28T15:39:40+02:00

Fumigation is the perfect way to get rid of your insect problem, guaranteed. However, this is only one of the techniques under the Fumico roof. Also Heat Treatment, Low Oxygen and QPS are perfect fighting techniques, one not superior to the other. However, not every technique mentioned will always be the best solution for you. Therefore Fumico will present the best possible solution to you.

Why Fumico

  • Fumico is ISO 9001:2015 certified

  • Years of experience (founded in 2010)

  • Latest measuring equipment

  • Fumico meets the highest requirements

  • Fumico has an agreement with ILenT

  • National and international operations

  • Maximum attention to quality and safety

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