Fighting mice

In the past Fumico has executed a large number of fumigations in order to eliminate mice.

Fumigation is applicated in situations where normal fighting procedures have failed to stop rodents from causing problems . For fumigating mice Fumico uses the gas CO2.

Fumigating mice is the proven method to eliminate the whole pest in one day and this will  take care of this rodent nuisance..

This way of fumigating and this way of eliminating mice can be used in buildings, storage locations, food storage, trucks, garbage trucks and so on.

A fumigation with CO2 is applicated where normal fighting methods have proven to be insufficient and damages caused by mice are getting out of control. (damaged cables, technical failures) and unhygienic situations (spreading diseases as a result)

Fumico takes care of the integral fumigation procedure from scratch till the end.

Establishing a fumigation plan well in time before starting the fumigation itself, use of material, proper sealing work, establishing a safety zone through fences, markers, gas, gasintroduction, measuring, construction work and declaring the structure gas free including issuing a fumigation certificate, those are just a few things we take care of during this process.

An example of a practical situation:  A city in the Netherlands with years of nuisance by mice in garbage trucks. Fighting these rodents was nearly impossible because of the hard to reach hiding places. The problems got increasingly worse since mice were chewing cables, causing high costs of repair repeatedly.  By fumigating the mice with CO2 Fumico offered the perfect solution. The problem was solved within 1 day.

Below you will find our company movie with ample explanation on the subject of fumigating mice.

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