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Fumico Fumigations B.V.

Fumico is a Dutch company specialized in fighting infestations by insects and rodents and has its roots in pest management. Founded in 2010 Fumico is originally a fumigation company to support the food industry and its related markets by precision fumigations. Fumico will prevent serious infestations, contaminations and damages by stock and wood destroying insects and rodents by performing precision fumigations.

In the past years Fumico has invested in developing fumigation techniques using various allowed pesticides like Vikane, Profume and hydrogen phosphide also known as phosphine.

Meanwhile we have gained the necessary experience with these relatively new fumigants in the Nehterlands by fumigating factories, residential buildings, ships, containers and cocoa beans in storage facilities. The fumigation branche of Fumico is officially called Fumico Fumigations BV.

Fumico Bio & QPS Services B.V. Botlek Rotterdam

In our specially equipped treatment location in the port of Rotterdam, we carry out Low Oxygen Treatments and Heat Treatments. This location offers space for up to 30 containers per Heat treatment and is also suitable for treatments on complete containers on chassis, without unloading!

Some facts about Fumico:

Fumico has many years of experience in fumigating all kinds of food stocks and objects. The knowledge obtained has resulted in a unique position for Fumico in the Netherlands.

  • Fumico has since mid 2016 the disposal of several treatment chambers for Low Oxygen and Heat Treatment purposes
  • Fumico has the most accurate and latest measuring equipment. Data are 24/7 at disposal
  • Techniques Fumico uses meet the highest market’s standards and are in tune with the wis of principal’s wishes, local circumstances, stipulations and demands
  • Fumico cooperates nationaly and internationally very closely with both governments, as well as companies to further improve and optimize both quality and safety of fumigations
  • Fumico’s branches are found among other countries in the United States, England, Germany, where knowhow is shared with leading fumigation companies, suppliers and scientists
  • Fumico has a continuous full focus on your and our safety

Fumico prevents:

  • Infestations by insects in and into production
  • Infestations in and into storage
  • Damage claims, recall-actions and loss of reputation
  • Loss of value of goods
  • Your goods from not complying with the export or import demands of receiving countries

Why Fumico

  • Fumico is ISO 9001:2015 certified

  • Years of experience (founded in 2010)

  • Latest measuring equipment

  • Fumico meets the highest requirements

  • Fumico has an agreement with ILenT

  • National and international operations

  • Maximum attention to quality and safety

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