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Low-pressure CO2 treatment®

Effective, sustainable, economical and fast

With our recently patented low-pressure treatment in combination with CO2, we are leading in the field of Pest Control. With this unique method, we can protect your goods from live insects at all stages, without the use of biocides. Our specially designed climate chambers have heat sources that raise the temperature to 30 °C, which means insects are at their most active. Then the oxygen and nitrogen present are significantly reduced and replaced by Carbon Dioxide. This treatment method is very suitable for (organic) food, feed and soft commodities.

Soft commodities

Descroes deals mainly with soft commodities, such as stocks of rice, grains, cocoa, coffee, dry goods and unprocessed food stored in storage and transport locations, in warehouses, silos, buildings and other objects.

In-house concept

Do you have a large inventory with a fast treatment turnaround? Together with you, Intreso can build a fully customised treatment room at your own location including our unique treatment application, fully monitored and operated by our remote specialists. Please contact us for more information.

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Can a low oxygen treatment be used everywhere?2017-06-02T10:00:45+02:00

At this moment Fumico has several low oxygen chambers in Numansdorp at its disposal. These chambers have especially been created for this treatment purpose and are equipped with the latest technology and measuring equipment.

Can Fumico take care of packaging goods low oxygen?2017-06-02T10:00:09+02:00

Certainly, Fumico will take care of packaging your stocks under low oxygen conditions. We call this Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Using this technique your goods will be packaged in this way with the great advantage that insects have no chance of surviving, or contaminating the stock. This is not the only advantage, please contact us to receive more information.

Why Fumico

  • Fumico is ISO 9001:2015 certified

  • Years of experience (founded in 2010)

  • Latest measuring equipment

  • Fumico meets the highest requirements

  • Fumico has an agreement with ILenT

  • National and international operations

  • Maximum attention to quality and safety

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More information about Fumico and our services? Please contact us by completing the contact form or  feel free to call us to make an appointment.


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