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QPS treatments

QPS is well-known in the container world in the Netherlands, it stands for Quarantine and Pre-Shipment. Applicated in situations where importing countries do no want to run any risk of importing exotic insects.

Our QPS treatment chambers in Numansdorp have especially been built for this kind of treatments and are provided with the latest technology and measuring equipment. By adding hot air into the heat chambers, your goods will also warm up. As soon as the core of the goods and (wooden) products have reached the right setpoint temperature, all insects in all life stages will be quickly (within a couple of hours) eliminated. After this heat treatment the temperature will be decreased under controlled conditions to a normal level. After treatment a QPS certificate or a ISPM certificate will be issued, accompanying the goods ready to be collected for further transport.

Quarantine and Pre-Shipment (QPS) treatment

QPS treatments are mostly performed on wooden crates, boxes, products and wooden packaging material. On demand an optional Phytosanitary Certificate may be issued after a QPS treatment.

Quarantaine and Phytosanitary Treatment (QPT)?

Most of the time QPS treatments involve products inside of containers, for instance crates, boxes, furniture, wooden products, packaging material. After a Quarantine and Phytosanitary Treatment (QPT treatment) a Phytosanitary Certificate is required. Fumico will issue this certificate.


What is the difference between a Quarantine and Pre-Shipment (QPS) treatment and a Quarantine and Phytosanitary Treatment (QPT)?2017-06-02T09:57:59+02:00

Both treatments are executed the same way. QPS en QPT treatments are very often used for material in containers, crates and boxes and refer to wooden products and packaging material. The only difference is that goods after a Quarantine and Phytosanitary Treatment (QPT treatment) will be provided with a Phytosanitary Certificate, where goods of Quarantine and Pre-Shipment (QPS treatment may get this Phytosanitary Certificate as an option.

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