Fumigating shiploads

Bulk goods and food stocks are often contaminated by insects. These insects pollute and attack the stock. Ships and barges are frequently used in order to fumigate food stocks infested by insects. Many examples can be found for instance grains, maize, soya beans, wheat, spelt, coffee, nuts, seeds and so on.

“The cargo inspector of a third and independent party noticed that our cargo of wheat, transported into the Netherlands by coaster, had been infested by insects. It was impossible for us to supply our customer, we were sure he would not accept this. Fumigation of this shipload offered the right solution. After elimination of the insects the lot of wheat could be delivered to the customer for further processing. Luckily this lot need not to be discharged as second choice.”

On a regular basis stocked parties in silos or from coasters are reshipped into barges. After transshipment the barges are transported to one of many quays available to Fumico.

In order to using these quays Fumico has had to get approval from various related parties (like harbour authority ‘Havenbedrijf’) and the Ministry of ILT (Inspection. Environment and Transport) and Fumico must comply with many demands in security laws..

Fumico takes care of choosing the right quay, approved by the Dutch government and harbour authorities and has closed contracts with the owners. We will not bother you, unless necessary, with details, but will keep you fully informed during the fumigation process.

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