Fumigating silos

A silo is a structure for storing  bulk or bulk goods in the form of powder or granular products.

They can be found alongside important transport routes for trains, ships and bulk-trucks and are used for supplying  or distibuting goods. You may find different shapes, cylindrical, round or square towers and made out of various materials

Square steel silos are often found in the cattle-food industry,or for storage purposes of coffee and cocoabeans, petfood and wooden pallets.  Infestations of the products inside silos by insects or infestation of the silo itself endangers the new clean product to be infected by cross-infestation. The product is contaminated, the value of the party decreases and people or animal may get ill after consuming the product. Complaints, damage claims and loss of customers may occur.

By fumigating empty silos or completely filled silos all insects in all life stages will be eliminated. Should fumigation on location be impossible then Fumico happily offers you altenative solutions for treating the product with her specific fumigation techniques.

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