Fumigating buildings

One of Fumio’s specialties, based on years of experience, is fumigating complete buildings, sheds, factories and storage locations fighting the presence of rodents.

Carbon dioxyde treatment

In this case fighting rodents in buildings does not concern using rodenticides by placing depots and traps. This involves adding carbon dioxyde (CO2) into the object, eliminating all present rodents in the complete building, including all possible hiding places, for instance under machines.

Advantages CO2 treatment

The fumigant will very rapidly spread all through the object and will eliminate rodents, rats, mice in every corner. Great advantage:this treatment will not be of any influence to the building itself or the goods and stock inside of the building. Further advantage is that in a relatively short period of time the number of living rats and mice will be brought to absolutely zero in one stroke.

Eliminating rodents and insects

By Modified Atmosphere treatment  also known as carbon dioxyde treatment Fumico will In one stroke take eliminate all rodents, like mice, brown and black rats. Fumico also offers various techniques to fight insects in buildings.

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