Fighting rodents

Fighting rodents and mammals

In the past Fumico has executed a large number of fumigations in order to eliminate rodents. In most cases rodents are fought by performing a so called rodent fumigation, more officially known as a Modified Atmosphere treatment. Target of this pest control may be eliminating the presence of rodents like water voles but also mammals like moles.

Fumigating rodents

Fumigation is used in situations where normal fighting procedures have failed to stop rodents from causing problems . For fumigating rodents Fumico uses carbon dyoxide. Fumigating rodents is the  proven method to eliminate the whole pest in one day and this will  take care of this rodent nuisance.

Fumigating moles and water voles

Moles and water voles may cause feeding damage to crops, disfigurement of landscapes and unstable embankments and dykes. Fumigation of moles and water voles is by far the best method to get rid of these rodents and mammals. For fumigating water voles and moles phosphine is used,  always considering admission labels. Fumigation of rodents is by far the best method to completely eliminate the rodents’ nuisance in one day

Fumigating objects

A fumigation to eliminate rodents may be used in ships, barges, buildings, storage locations, food storage, trucks, garbage trucks and son on.
Fumico takes care of the integral fumigation procedure from scratch till the end. Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made advice.

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