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Heat Treatments

Wooden packaging material

In packaging material made out of wood, like pallets, dunnage, crates and wooden boxes you may find wood destroying insects. You may find these also in your furniture, museal collections and monumental objects. These insects are not only a nuisance but will also damage the wood causing instability in constructions. Above all they may cause enormous unforseeable damages to nature and environment (damages to healthy trees)

Heat Treatment Solutions

Besides fumigation solutions Fumico also offers non-chemical ways of fighting insects by Heat Treatment. When this technique is applied the core of the wood will be heated to a minimum temperature of 56 degrees Celsius and will stay at this temperature for at least one hour. A Heat Treatment will eliminate all insects in all life stages in the product and guarantees an insect-free result.

In addition to Fumico’s own fumigation techniques (fumigation), we can also combat these insects by means of non-toxic control techniques, or Heattreatments. When carrying out a heatreatment, the core of the wood is treated for at least 1 hour with a temperature of at least 56 degrees Celsius. A heat treatment ensures the killing of all insects at all stages and thus your goods are insect-free.

HTTR heattreatment terminal

In Rotterdam, Fumico has its own Heat Treatment Terminal, the HTTR. At this terminal, Fumico carries out heat treatments for its various clients from complete sea containers in all sizes. These heat treatments of containers with complete contents thereof are aimed at the killing of insects and is specially established for fighting the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB). More information: HTTR Heattreatment terminal in Rotterdam.

ISPM 15 wood and IPPC heat treatment

A heat treatment IPSM 15 is also possible. This treatment is a result of export demands for wood in accordance with uniform worldwide agreements, stated in the IPPC standard. IPPC stands for ‘International Plant Protection Convention’. You will find the list of ISPM 15 countries on the SHMV website. Fumico Bio & QPS Services is accredited by the SMHV and is permitted to perform Heat Treatments ISPM 15 marking the wood and therefore performing heat treatments in accordance with IPPC agreeements.

Treatment of wooden boxes (export)

Treating for instance a wooden box for export purposes, the ISPM-15 list of countries will inform you of the specific importing country and its individual demands for allowing wooden products to enter the country. In accordance with guidelines a heat treatment with marking (Fumico will mark the wood) has to be completed succesfully in the exporting country. This way, as a result of phytosanitary rules, the importing country is in control and infestations by exotic insects will be prevented.

Examples of heat treatments:

  • heat treatment of boxes
  • heat treatment of pallets
  • heat treatment of wood
  • heat treatment of containers
  • heat treatment of dunnage
  • heat treatment of packaging wood


Is it possible to unload goods in the treatment chambers?2017-06-01T20:42:31+02:00

No problem, individual goods (big bags, wooden crates, boxes, dunnage, pallets) may be placed in the treatment chambers. They need not be kept in the container. It is up to you to unload and load the goods after treatment, but on demand Fumico will take care of this.

Is it possible to place complete containers in the treatment chambers?2017-06-01T20:43:13+02:00

Yes, complete containers up to 45 ft can be handled in the treatment chambers. They can be driven into the chamber and remain on the chassis or will be placed on con foots which we have at our disposal. You decide.

Is a fumigation always possible?2017-06-01T20:43:04+02:00

No, in a very limited number of cases a fumigation is not possible. We will communicate the best solution possible for fighting your insect problem. Many factors are of influence in making the right choice, such as: kind of infestation, type of product, location, way of storage, environment, temperature a.s.o. These are just a few items to be considered in choosing the correct technique for fighting insects or rodents. Since Fumico has all fighting techniques at its disposal, you can’t go wrong.

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