Fumigation containers with tree trunks

Countries are making more and more demands on goods that are imported into their country. There are also strict requirements with regard to insects that can come along in container loads, including containers loaded with wood and tree trunks and logs.

For many countries, including China, it is mandatory that containers with tree logs for import into their country undergo a quarantaine treatment in the exporting country, the Netherlands in this case. This fumigation treatment is aimed at the killing of wooddestroying insects. Tree species that are fumigated include by example Spruce Logs (Picea spp), Oak Logs and Beech Logs. But also other wood logs types and sawn wood for example.
The fumigation of tree trunks usually takes place in sea containers in the Netherlands. Fumigating logs is intended for the importing country to have certainty that insects in the tree trunks and under the bark of the trees have been killed so that they cannot cause damage in the country concerned. The way in which this is permitted in the Netherlands is by means of a fumigation with the gaseous pesticide Sulfuryl fluoride, also called a fumigation with Profume.

After the fumigation, the containers with wood logs are inspected by the independent phytosanitary service in The Netherlands. Fumico will arrange this for you, as well as issuing phytosanitary certificates that you need as an export document. You will also receive a fumigation certificate from the treatment.

Fumico is the fumigation company in The Netherlands and can fumigate your containers of tree trunks logs in many places throughout the Netherlands. Fumico has several fumigation locations in Rotterdam and also in the south of The Netherlands and a large team of experts and fumigation officers. For example, we have several terminals in Rotterdam where we can fumigate your containers with wood logs. These fumigation locations for tree trunks all have a truck connection for the delivery of containers by road. Also, almost all terminals have a water connection for the delivery of containers by ship over the water. Transport after fumigation to the various export terminals takes place by water and or by road. Fumico takes care of this whole proces for you.

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