Fumigating raw material

Warehouse stocks and stocks of raw material may decrease in value enormously as soon as they are infested by stock insects and/or rodents. Fumico experts will take care of minimizing this decrease in value as much as possible. In order to realize this Fumico will design a well-balanced fumigation programme that will perfectly reflect the client’s needs and demands.

The fumigation treatments performed by Fumico consist of (among other items):

  • Fumigating sacked raw material
  • Fumigating raw material in bulk
  • Fumigating raw material in bags
  • Fumigating cargo in big bags
  • Fumigating cargo in barges
  • Fumigating stock goods in ships
  • Fumigating stock goods in containers

All fumigations are performed meeting the highest quality and safety demands. Directly afterwards a fumigation certificate will be issued and handed out to you..

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