Heat Treatment BMSB

With the strict import requirements of Australia and New Zealand, which state that all high-risk products from high-risk countries must undergo a special BMSB treatment before they can enter the country, Fumico is your trusted and recognized BMSB specialist!

BMSB heat treatment 2021-2022
By gradually spreading temperatures up to 65°C with purpose-built heat sources. From delivery to the export terminal, including handling, only takes 3 days! In our own Heat Treatment Terminal Rotterdam (HTTR) we have all modern means and techniques at our disposal to combat the BMSB up to 30 containers per treatment! 100% Safe for your products!

We handle your goods in containers, LCL cargo in containers, LCL cargo on trailers and break bulk.

Treatment certificate BMSB
After the BMSB treatment, we issue a recognized BMSB treatment certificate that allows your goods to enter Australia and New Zealand.

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Our team of expert and committed employees will be happy to assist you with questions and information about the handling of goods, containers and trailers to Australia and New Zealand, in relation to the BMSB. Contact us and feel free to ask any questions!

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