Treatment of potting soil

Fighting insects and rodents in potting soil is also one of the treatments  Fumico Bio & QPS Services has to offer.

Potting soil is a product suitabe for heat treatment. The treatment takes all international (export) demands into consideration and these are not to be tempered with. You will receive a perfect treatment, afterwards completed by a treatment certificate, issued by us..

Loading and unloading your goods is unnecessary. The complete container, regardless 20 ft/ 40ft or 45 ft can be driven into the building and be placed and left in the treatment chambers.

The container can be left on the chassis but can also be placed on confoots. It is also possible to place individual pallets with potting soil in the chambers, plastic wrapping if any need not be removed from the products.

If necessary we will see to it that a Phytosanitary Certificate will be issued after completing the treatment of the potting soil.. Also when other vegetables are treated we issue a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Please contact us, we will be happy to give you more information about our biological fighting methods against infestiations in your stocks and products.


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