BMSB Heat Treatment location

Fumico has built a unique hall especially for the BMSB Heat Treatment. In our Heat Treatment Terminal Rotterdam (HTTR), the BMSB treatments are carried out on goods in containers. The hall is furnished with the most modern means and materials and offers space for more than 30 containers per treatment.

Treatment without unloading
A major advantage of our HTTR is that your goods or products do not have to be unloaded. We will drive your containers in and the treatment can begin!

Warm up gradually
The entire HTTR is heated by means of powerful heat generators. The heating is controlled and dosed and is distributed throughout the room by means of fans. Due to this method, goods are not exposed to direct heat. This makes this treatment 100% safe for your goods!

BMSB certificate
At the end of the BMSB Heat Treatment you will receive the BMSB treatment certificate from us with which your goods can be exported to Australia and New Zealand in accordance with requirements.

We are happy to help!
Our BMSB team of expert and committed employees will be happy to assist you with questions and more information. Please contact our BMSB team in Rotterdam and ask all your questions!

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