Quarantaine Port Services

Are you encountering problems with insects in your goods and considering stored products infestation? You would like to export your goods in a container and have to meet quarantine regulations and pre-shipment demands?

Fumico Bio & QPS is the right place to be, we offer you the solution to succesfully solve these kind of problems.

In our low oxygen chambers in Numansdorp we perform lox oxygen treatments, also known as Controlled Nitrogen Atmosphere treatments.  These treatments are fully adjusted to your goods in containers (or individual goods in big bags or on pallets). Complete containers up to 45 ft can be driven into the chambers without any need of unloading the goods.

Numansdorp is a terminal for all your goods and containers before being exported or imported.

You drive by, have your (goods in) containers undergo our treatment to elminate insects and/ or rodents and continue your transport of your container, the cargo being provides with a certificate of treatment (for example an ISPM 15 certificate).

We would be happy to provide you with more information on this subject of organic pest control for your stocks, products and containers.

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