Quarantaine and Pre-Shipment ISPM 15

Heat Treatment and QPS Treatments are 100 % non-toxic techniques to treat all wooden pallets, dunnage and packaging material to be exported, complying with international laws. The centre of the wood must for at least 30 minutes be treated at a minimum temperature of 56 degrees C.

More and more countries are making demands of wooden pallets, dunnage and wooden packaging material coming into their countries. The new Phytosanitary Measures Wooden Packaging (FAO ISPM nr 15) was introduced in 2002 to end trade obstructions worldwide, as a consequence of the tangle of import restrictions for wooden packaging material. In ISPM 15  (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) it is stated among many other things that wooden packacking material must be treated to prevent infestation from spreading (like for instance pine needle, syrex wasp).

In the Netherlands the SHMV (Foundation for Marking Wood Packaging) was founded. Her responsibiliy concerns taking care of the fact that all wooden products for export are complying with the ISPM 15 demands.  This foundation also issues certificates to companies, allowing them to treat wood considering national and international laws.

Fumico Bio & QPS Services are registered under number NL248. Heat Treatment en QPS Treatment are fast and efficient non-toxic solutions. Heat Treatment is used for wooden packaging material. QPS Treatment is used for containers and piece goods containing products and wooden packaging material.

After treatment the wood will be marked. Fumico will provide certificates, if needed, for e.g. countries like China or Australia.

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