Phytosanitary treatment, with a Phytosanitary Certificate as proof, is meant to fight and prevent diseases and plagues in international agriculture and horticulture.

A Phytosanitary Certificate confirming that a certain lot of raw material is free of insects and is of no risk for agriculture and horticulture, will be issued after treatment and after examination by the Dutch Plant Protection Service (PD)

After finishing a treatment Fumico may ask, at customer’s request, to have a phytosanitary certificate issued by this agency. This agency is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fishing.

A Phytosanitary Certificate is in the market referred to as a Phyto, Phytocertificate, PHC or Quarantine Certificate is valid internationally and shows that the goods are in healthy condition (in this case have been treated to fight insects). The consignment complies with the phytosanitary demands of the (importing) country in question. The NVWA (Dutch Authority Food and Healthcare) has an overview of countries, requiring this kind of certificate for those goods.

Typical phytosanitary products are a.o. plants, parts with vegetable origin, cut flowers, bulbs and certain ftuits and vegetables.

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