Mobile nitrogen generator

Combating insects in organic foods by means of low-oxygen techniques with a mobile nitrogen generator from Fumico is an efficient biological non-toxic treatment method. With our mobile nitrogen generator we come to you to carry out the treatment at your location. So you do not need to go to Fumico with your goods (although this is possible at our service terminal in Numansdorp).

Low oxygen is a safe treatment for your products that are not affected or negatively influenced by this technique. The treatment leaves no residues on the treated products and no resistance develops.

Low oxygen treatments are possible in buildings, ships, barges, barges, silos and more. We adapt our work to the environmental factors. With the help of our sealing materials, we make the parties and / or space to be treated gas and airtight. Then the oxygen is expelled by adding nitrogen, which the mobile nitrogen generator does. Depending on the size of the room to be treated and the product to be treated, the parameters (nitrogen, oxygen, temperature and humidity) are set at a certain level for a certain time. This means that present pests or insects are effectively controlled by using low oxygen in enclosed spaces, where all life stages of insects are killed, namely eggs, larvae and pupae.

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