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Low Oxygen treatments

Low Oxygen treatments

No rodent or insect ever will survive without oxygen. Low oxygen treatments will extract oxygen from air (normally air contains 20,9 % oxygen) in a certain room, resulting in less then1 % oxygen ( CO2) in the air in that room.

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) treatment

In Controlled Atmosphere treatments one or more of our treatment chambers, containing your products, like for instance bio rice, nuts, peanuts, seeds or grass seeds, the oxygen level will be lowered.

Modified Atmosphere (MA) treatment

A Modified Atmosphere (MA) treatment is a CO2 treatment on location, treating your shed, building, container and so on. The complete object will be brought to such low oxygen levels that no rodent will survive.

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Mobile nitrogen generator Biological insect control

Fumico has mobile nitrogen generators with which low oxygen treatments can be carried out at the client’s location. More information: Mobile nitrogen generator for biological insect control.


Can a low oxygen treatment be used everywhere?2017-06-02T10:00:45+02:00

At this moment Fumico has several low oxygen chambers in Numansdorp at its disposal. These chambers have especially been created for this treatment purpose and are equipped with the latest technology and measuring equipment.

Can Fumico take care of packaging goods low oxygen?2017-06-02T10:00:09+02:00

Certainly, Fumico will take care of packaging your stocks under low oxygen conditions. We call this Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Using this technique your goods will be packaged in this way with the great advantage that insects have no chance of surviving, or contaminating the stock. This is not the only advantage, please contact us to receive more information.

Why Fumico

  • Fumico is ISO 9001:2015 certified

  • Years of experience (founded in 2010)

  • Latest measuring equipment

  • Fumico meets the highest requirements

  • Fumico has an agreement with ILenT

  • National and international operations

  • Maximum attention to quality and safety

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