Since the Brown Marbled Stinkbug (BMSB) entered Australia and New Zealand, these countries have taken steps to keep the pesticide outside the country’s borders. From September 1, 2020, at least all used and new vehicles, vessels, high-risk machines and parts must be treated against this insect when exported to Australia or New Zealand. This includes imports from Japan and several countries in Europe (including Germany and the Netherlands).

The reason for this change in regulations is mainly recontamination. The BMSB can provide biodiversity and that is why Australia and New Zealand are taking measures. It is expected that several countries will adapt the standards.

The treatment required to release the goods BMSB must be carried out during the risk season and therefore the season in which the BMSB is active (September 1 to April 30). Fumico carries out these treatments for you and provides you with the necessary certificates for export. We perform heat treatments (Heat Treatment) and Fumigation treatments. Fumico has its own Heat Treatment Terminal where we perform Heat Treatments of containers on a daily basis. We perform fumigation treatments at various locations in the Netherlands.

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