2017, 17th August – Fumico has received a covenant from the body of Inspection of Living Environment and Transport (ILET) as the first company in its industry in the Netherlands. Proudly, the covenant was signed by the Inspector-General Living Environment and Transport, Mr. P.C.J. Neuteboom and Johan van Meijel was ready with a smile on his face to sign the covenant for Fumico.

A covenant reflects high quality and compliance with safety measures that must be maintained by companies under the ILET. In the fumigation industry, Fumico is the first company to receive a covenant. This means that the ILET continues checking Fumico, but will be less focused on operational practices and more focused on business processes.

Therefore, receiving this covenant reflects the high degree of professionalization at Fumico by continuously making improvements on the processes and by staying innovative. This has been rewarded! Therefore, Fumico will be fully committed to comply with the precise rules that come with the covenant. The first work discussion with the staff is already planned to bring the company to an even higher quality level.