At Fumico we are constantly innovating and optimizing. Customer service is of high importance to us.. how can we ensure that we can offer our customers an even better service?!

We knew the solution: a new location and brand new treatment rooms!
At our new location we are more accessible, we can broaden our services and lower transport costs are possible!

Brand new treatment rooms
In addition to the benefits of our new location, we can provide our customers with a better service with our specially built airtight treatment rooms in which we provide 100% safe and non-toxic solutions. Our Heat Treatments and Low Oxygen Treatments are also applicable within the organic sector. The rooms are equipped with the most modern means and techniques for an optimal result!

Our airtight treatment rooms have the same capacity as usual. The rooms offer space for loose loads on pallets or in big bags up to complete 40′ containers without unloading.

Logistical care
Thanks to a close collaboration with the logistics team at this location, we can completely unburden our customers in the field of logistics. From pelletizing to after transport!

Operationally active
After a very thorough but successful test phase in which not only the treatments themselves but also the functioning of the rooms and the safety in and around were tested, we started with the first treatments for our customers. The first positive reactions show that we have made the right choice to move with our BIO & QPS department!

New address details for treatment location Bio & QPS Services

Nieuwesluisweg 192
3197 KV Botlek Rotterdam

Phone: +31 (0)10 720 09 63

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are happy to help you!