After the BREXIT transition period, as per 01-01-2021 all shipments with packagingwood to and from the United Kingdom (T1, export and import) must comply with the ISPM 15 standard. This has been established by the NVWA. This new rule applies, among other things, to wooden pallets, crates, boxes, cable reels and dunnage to secure the load. This rule will apply after the final BREXIT from 01-01-2021.

If the NVMA or an Inspection service finds harmful organisms on packaging wood, the NVWA can impose measures and stop your shipment, return it, have it processed or destroy. The use of ISPM 15 treated wood reduces the risk of action. The wood must be made by means of one of the treatment methods according to the standard ISPM 15 standard:

HT treatment (heat treatment)

DH (Dielectric heating)

SH (sulfuryl fluoride)

MB (Methyl bromide treatment)

The wood must also be provided with a brandmark and it must also be Debarked.

For the original message with additional information about the regulations after BREXIT, we take you to this page of the NVWA.

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