The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

Pest Locations

The Brown Marbled Stinkbug (BMSB) lives in different countries, but can change the biodiversity if this insect travels to other countries. This insect is mainly found in agriculture as a pest in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. The BMSB causes damage to agricultural products such as fruit, vegetables and nature.
The greatest risk of contamination and spread from country to country occurs during the export of goods. Especially vehicles and containers in the winter period. This has resulted in the BMSB now also moving to Europe and South America.

Australia and New Zealand have therefore taken measures to keep this insect out. The spread of the insect takes place mainly in the autumn and winter. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is not active in the crops during this period and seeks a dark and dry place to overwinter.

Features BMSB

The name already indicates that the BMSB is a brown insect that belongs to the stink bug family. The scientific Latin name of this insect is Halyomorpha halys. The specific BMSB has been operating in its current form since 1998. The body consists of a shield with different colors of brown and white dots / spots. The last part of the name is due to the scent glands that the BMSB has. When the insect is touched, it gives off an odor that smells like coriander. The insect is thus protected against lizards and birds.

An adult is about 17 millimeters long and lives from several months to a year. The risk of spreading is compounded by the fact that a female can lay 400 eggs in her lifetime. These offspring can then cause damage to crops by using their so-called proboscis. They suck food and plants with their elongated nose. This causes unwanted damage to crops, including in Australia and New Zealand..

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Fumico has several locations in the Netherlands and surrounding countries to carry out treatments against the BMSB. Fumico is a recognized provider and certified by the governments of Australia and New Zealand to perform these treatments and to issue the necessary BMSB certificates for export.

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