Can Fumico take care of packaging goods low oxygen?

Certainly, Fumico will take care of packaging your stocks under low oxygen conditions. We call this Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Using this technique your goods will be packaged in this way with the great advantage that insects have no chance of surviving, or contaminating the stock. This is not the only advantage, please contact us to [...]

What is the difference between a Quarantine and Pre-Shipment (QPS) treatment and a Quarantine and Phytosanitary Treatment (QPT)?

Both treatments are executed the same way. QPS en QPT treatments are very often used for material in containers, crates and boxes and refer to wooden products and packaging material. The only difference is that goods after a Quarantine and Phytosanitary Treatment (QPT treatment) will be provided with a Phytosanitary Certificate, where goods of Quarantine [...]

Is a fumigation always possible?

No, in a very limited number of cases a fumigation is not possible. We will communicate the best solution possible for fighting your insect problem. Many factors are of influence in making the right choice, such as: kind of infestation, type of product, location, way of storage, environment, temperature a.s.o. These are just a few [...]

Is fumigation the best fighting technique?

Fumigation is the perfect way to get rid of your insect problem, guaranteed. However, this is only one of the techniques under the Fumico roof. Also Heat Treatment, Low Oxygen and QPS are perfect fighting techniques, one not superior to the other. However, not every technique mentioned will always be the best solution for you. [...]

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