Export containers

EXPORT: Avoid damage claims and loss of customers as a consequence of your export product being infested by insects by eliminating all life stages of these insects.

For fumigating containers including your products a variety of fumigants may be used to get the right result. After each project a certificate will be issued.

EXPORT DEMANDS: Avoid the risk of your product being refused entry in the country of destination?
In many cases fumigation of your products may take care of any obstacles related to export and import demands of the receiving country. Fumico provides a fumigation certificate to prove how the products have been fumigated.

Exportcontainers including products can be fumigated on our fixed location on the Maasvlakte (Rotterdam). Fumico take care of transporting the container to the terminal required. Fumigating export containers (and import containers) is also possible on various other locations throughout the Netherlands.

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