Cattle and animal feed

Sometimes in cattle and animal feed companies an infestation of stock insects in production facilities, silos and found..These insects contaminate the product and cause illness to the animals eating this food. Damage claims, decrease in value and loss of customers may occur, besides the bad reputation your company will get.

Also when you export to ‘warm countries’ there is a real danger of eggs coming out along the way. Your customer will detect and notice this and irreversable damage will be done. Your product will decrease in value, damage claims will follow and the next time your customer will order somewhere else, in short, loss of sales and customer.

Becasuse of the great variety in goods, security laws and continuity of business fumigation is by far the best solution to this problem. There is nearly always a way to fumigate your products. Often a fumigation location can be created at your company’s location but sometimes an external location has to be found.

Besides our own location on the “Maasvlakte” in Rotterdam Fumico offers you different fumigation locations in the Netherlands, where we are legally allowed to carry out fumigations..

All the necessary paperwork (signing in, signing out among other things) will be taken care of by Fumico, you will not even notice this being realized.

Making a correct inventory of the problem and proper advice accordingly is of the utmost importance.

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